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Is There Any Value In Having Your Mot Done At Ford?

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I've bought my car from Ford and it currently has a full ford service history.

Is there any value in having my MOTs done at Ford? Or does it not really affect the cars value regarding the service history?

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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Ford imo are more likely to pick up on things as they're nitpicking for faults (money coming their way), so a clean mot from ford would mean again imo a lot more to someone who also sees it this way

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I get mine done as part of the package when the car goes in for it's annual service at an independent specialist I trust 100%. Includes them giving the car a once-over for any MOT items before it goes to the MOT garage.

While a Ford dealer may pick up on some little items as part of the MOT, it can be painful finding out how much 30 minutes labour costs when they offer to replace a blown bulb for you.....

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Use a local trustworthy garage, Ford won't do any more than they will, apart from charge you double for labour.

Why people think that taking their cars back to the main dealers for all the maintenance is better - it isn't trust me, I worked at a main dealer for many years.

You just come away with a considerably lighter wallet/purse from the extortionate labour and dealer parts charges!

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