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Ford Focus Cc 2007 Roof Malfunction & Rear Window Heater Not Working


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Hi Everyone

I am new hear and I have a problem with my ford focus cc 2007 model ,

On the little screen on the dash it says :-

(Roof malfunction service required)

So The roof just does not work at all when I press the switch the windows don't even go down like they should .
But my boot is not closing properly and the rear window heater ins't working I am thinking it could be a relay but I am not to sure which relay it is .
Can anybody please help or even know what relays relate to what switches ?

Your help is much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Many thanks


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Unofix, that made me chuckle.

If your boot is not closing properly, there is an issue with the rear window heater and the roof not going up or down. I would say they are all part of the same problem. Why wont the boot shut? Is it the mechanism or is it not lining up right?

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Roof control module maybe? If that's not working properly your roof won't operate and it'll cut power to the rear screen (can't have the rear screen active when the roof is folded in the boot!). I think the control module is in the boot, but can't remember where offhand. It should be connected to fuse 101 (20A) in the passenger area.

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Thank you everyone just bought the car 2009 cc guy said he never had any issues with the roof it has been heavy rain just after I bought it though again thanks for the heads up will look into it , it’s flagging up as complete roof operation although I have held  roof  switch it seems to do nothing , but I am getting error seems for no reason and noted rear widow heater switch goes off when error appears 


again thanks to everyone on here 

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