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How To Change Settings With Elm Cable


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I've purchased a elm cable witch has the switch on.

I was wondering if anyone could help me I am wanting to change some of the Extras thAt the dealership haven't turned on. I was told I would need the elm cable and a laptop now I have these and also have installed forscan but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. Any help would be ggreatful.

Thanks in advanced


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Would I be right that Forscan is more for reading fault codes and monitoring running parameters?

If so you'd be better off getting the ELMconfig software and then you can modify module settings/features to your hearts content. See the topic in the guides section :)

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Good point I didn't even read the post properly. Yes forscan is for DTC and doing certain procedures, it is indeed elmconfig that allows changing of options of they are supported by your cars modules.

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ELMConfig wont work with a Mk3, you need Focccus software to read your settings, save the originals, change them and upload the new ones, the Forscan to correct any remaining codes

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On the Focus MK3 you can activate the following options with the FoCCCus software:

* DDS tire deflation warning system. Only if the car does not have the TPMS tire deflation warning system. For this option it is also required to initialize the ABS module.

* Hill start assist (all engine types except the 1.6 TI-VCT).

* Autolocking.

For other options and settings it will be necessary to also install the missing parts.

I also used the FoCCCus software to program the correct settings in the Central Car Configuration after retrofitting the following options:

* The original Cruise Control system.

* The original footwell lights.

* The original Sat Nav system.

* Projector headlights with aftermarket HID lights. There is a setting for aftermarket HID lights. This setting deactivates the bulb check system of the dipped beam. This setting also forces the BCM to output a steady 12 Volt signal to the HID lights instead of the frequency controlled PWM signal which is used on normal halogen bulbs to increase the lifetime of the halogen bulbs.

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