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Fiesta Headlights One Is Not Working

Capt Black

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HI guys, I know that bulbs have been discussed to death here but I am having another problem with them.

My passenger Headlight (nearside) bulb has blown and I have replaced it with a standard 55w H7 which is the same as the other side (offside).

I have checked my fuses and they seem to be all in tact but not sure where the headlight fuses specifically is (i have looked at position F4-5)

My passenger headlight is not working with the new bulb.

Any help would be appreciated regarding this.

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I'm not sure if there is a separate fuse for each headlight, would have to check the manual. If you can rule out the fuses then it might be worth trying the new bulb in the other headlight just to rule that out, and I think after that the only problem can be wiring. I'm by no means an expert on this stuff though, so maybe someone else can give better advice.

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Thanks Phil, I have been to the Ford dealer today and they have said there is no separate fuse for the lights. Tried different bulbs and swapped with other side as well.

I think it is safe to rule this as an electrical fault. NO easy fix for me, I am not that good with electricals. Looks like its back to dealer!

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If they quote you a high price to fix it, I'd try going to another garage, maybe an independent Ford garage and see if you can get if fixed cheaper.

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Unlucky Sara, you nearly won todays prize for restarting the oldest thread on the forum, but you came second. John managed to find a 10 year old post to restart. 😟

2 hours ago, Saraket said:

my passenger light has gone off my side light and indicaters are still working I’ve changed the bulb and swooped the fuses can anyone help me please 

Are we talking about the 'passenger side' headlight ?

Low beam or High beam or both ?

Which fuse numbers did you check, and what ones did you swap ?

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