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Like above, get the Castrol Magnatec Fully Synthetic 5W-30 A1 (has a ford approved logo on it)

alternatively you could get the Ford Formula E oil, which is the same oil as the one mentioned above, comes in 5l bottle and could be cheaper


I used the Professional version for my last oil change, to see how it was, and it did make the engine slightly quiter:


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Any oil that meets the ford spec. If you do plenty of miles the change the oil more often. oil does not degrade so getting better Oils does not help.Oil collect contaminants which is it's job and those dilute the oil, hence changing the oil more often is the best approach. Modern cars with start/stop and DPF and longer service schedules put more contaminants into the oil, so newer cars really should have shorter service intervals.

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Hi everyone, I have a Ford Focus 2.0 titanium 2008 (petrol) what engine oil should I use please??

+ 1 as all have mentioned above. I use the Castrol Magnatec Fully Synthetic 5w30.

Great oil and great price. also regular oil change does help but I do mine every 10,000 or 12,000 Mile which for me works out roughly about 1 once year.

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