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Fuel Filter Replaced, Now Doesn't Start


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I replaced my fuel filter for my 1.8L c max diesel and now it won't start. I did not bleed it, but I will be buying the

bleeding tool ASAP to do this.

I have tried starting my car and assume I have forced fuel into other components in the fuel system.

If I use a hand primer pump on the outlet pipe of the filter will this clear all the air in the system eventually?

Any advice, my cars stuck on the drive and I'm stuck in the house.


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Ford diesels are beggars to restart after doing anything to the fuel system.

Pump from the leak off (return) pipe until there is nothing but fuel coming out and then jam on the pipe quickly (without damaging the connector).

Crank the car until it starts being careful not to drain the battery, having a booster pack or a jump start handy will be a good idea.

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It works. It took an hour to do. Attached the jumper cables, added diesel to the filter and tried turning it over, then added fuel to the breather hole

to refill the filter after a few turnovers, then repeated until it worked.

Thanks for the advice Clive. Until next time......

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