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New Car On Order

Yorkshire Focus

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Im a bit exited, we have just ordered a new Focus Titanium to be delivered in 4 weeks!

Now I just need to sell the old 2005 Mk2 Focus 1.8 TDCI Ghia 83K miles, it needs a new front wheel bearing and interior lights don't work for some reason, a few rust spots on the front wing and bonnet, alloy wheels are corroded, but other than that :blink: its a great car anyone got any idea what sort of price I should expect, WBAC offered £1,395 but I think they where joking :unsure:

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Look at similar cars on Autotrader, should give you a reasonable estimate.

I'd expect a minimum of the of the cheapest equivalent car for sale, with the same/similar age mileage.

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Hope you enjoy the new car :)

your MK2 should be worth over 2k minimum, if i was to sell mine with 145k mileage im pretty sure i would get 2k still from it.

A well serviced MK2 Diesel should be over 2K. Mine's 115K, full service history at the correct intervals - if I was to sell now I'd probably put her on the market at 2.5K (not that she's going anywhere!)

Other than the mileage she's in an immaculate condition.

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