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Help With Door Wiring Molex Connector


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Has anyone managed to successfully put new wiring through the front door Molex connector and rubber gaiter without actually removing the door.

I'm trying to add the led's to the door handles but want them to work off side lights and not be on permanently.

Even better still does anyone know if there is wiring for side lights in car door I can tap into as the Electric window and mirror switches light up.

Any help advice appreciated.

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Not tried it but if its anything like the tail gate you can get all sorts through those rubber things with the use of a strong thin bit of steel with a tiny hook on the end (make sure the edge is rounded to make sure it doesn't catch the rubber, poke through, attach wire with tape, and pull through.

Ive managed to get 1 compensate video cable, 2 x 3mm wire and a micro USB cable with plug through there , I doubt ill get any more through tho, that last USB cable was a right pain in the !Removed!.

As for which wire to tap in to, aye just use the ones going to the switch, I don't think they are always on, I thought they turned on with lights, just need to work out which ones do what and tap in to them.

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The tailgate is completely different the doors. The doors have a connector inside the rubber gaiter which makes it almost impossible to feed wiring through. It is also almost impossible to detach the connector while the door is installed to the car.

The connector on the body side is placed in a double panelled insulated piece of the body which makes it almost impossible to access the connector on that side either.

I have done it once before (in order to install side mirrors with indicators) without removing the doors but I never do it again! It took me over 10 hours to remove the gaiters and connectors and feed the wiring through. Removing the doors will be much easier and a lot faster.

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Thanks for replying guys

I thought as much as there is no room to get connector out with door open even with door strap removed not much difference.

May have to settle for them being on permanent or like you say take doors off. Don't fancy fiddling with it for 10 hours

Why do Ford have to complicate even the simple jobs like threading a piece of wire.

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Finally got all door handle leds fitted and working off side lights I used the small blanking grommet hole in front doors just below door gaiter. I ran the wires from illumination and ground wires in quadlock behind head unit.

Threaded wires through grommet with a small piece of rubber flexi hose into gaiter for a nice fit and water tight.

Pleased with finished result working off main lights rather than being on permanent using window switch.

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