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Ford Ka Broken Door Handle

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OK, so now moving on to the less important jobs. Next job is the passenger door handle.

So I'm seeing this is a bit of a recurring theme with these cars. The little plastic hook thing on the back of the door handle snaps off meaning you cannot open the door from the outside. It's pretty evident it's a voided design, because the weak spot is always going to be the bend.


So my question, has anyone else tried putting a nice bead of 2-part epoxy around the weakest point, before installing the new handle. To spread the excess wear slightly? My reasoning is, if the gap is big enough (where the hook goes through) you can easily increase the durability by just using a nice amount of JB weld or something similar. I've done this many a time with things that I've known are to be a common point of failure, but I'm yet to see anyone else suggest this which is kind of.... well, odd because most people have had a go at least.

I assume you cannot access the two parts by just taking the door card off, otherwise you could epoxy the already broken handle? I assume from the rear you can see the rod to the lock, connected to the hook, but with no access to the handle itself?

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