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[Youtube] Two Vids of my Focus + bonus vid


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well... here's somes vids of the "focuzudo"

the first one is the original alarm closing the windows and the sunroof:


the second one is doing 200km/h in a desert highway near my house, whit 2 friends onboard remeber that:

me: 120kg

friend 1: 130kg

friend 2: 105kg

and its a "uphill" so the car is very fast, oh, its automatic has well... im a bit lazy :P


the bonus vid:

my ex- VW Gol TSI 1.8 in a tunel:


ps: if some of the vids are against the rules of the FOC, im sorry ;)

fell free to coment, and please rate the vids on youtube, and check out my other vids has well

edit: i dont know this forum embed code =/

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Hi, did you mod your windows to close like that? looks tidy. :)

hi there, i didnt do any mods, its a stock alarm lock in the Ghia model here in Brazil, all ghia's got it.

it works like these:

to open:

press one time to unlock only the driver's door

press two times to unlock all the doors

press two times and hold unlock all the doors and open the windoes and the sun roof

to close its the same deal, but when you press it two times you deasebled (i think this is the english work for it :P ) the internal knobs to open the door, so if a burglar break's the window he won't open the door.

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