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Upgrading To Mk7/8 Fiesta


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Hi all,

I currently have a MK6 Fiesta, great little car. However I want to upgrade to a newer MK7 or MK8 (the face lift one) Fiesta as I fancy an upgrade and I want some extra features, such as air-con and the heated windscreen (which here in ireland will be a god-send).

The issue I have is that over here in Ireland the MK8 is only available in the 60/65PS variant and doesn't include the awesome 100PS Ecoboost. My current car is 75PS so "upgrading" to a slower car worry's me. Does anyone have any experience with the 60/65 PS engines? I'm not a fast driver by any means, but I wouldn't want a car that's more sluggish than my current.

An alternative I have is to go with a MK7 as that model has a 82PS, however I won't get be getting all the new stuff improved with the latest model, like the cooler looking interior and color screen etc.

My budget would be around £8k.

Would you recommend I go with a 82PS MK7 or a ~60PS facelift MK7? Much appreciated

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There's no such thing as a "mk8" or a mk7.. or 6.. or 5 4 3 2 1

Its just what we've named them ourselves.. the facelift models have been named .5

So 6.5

7.5 :)

This may help you to prevent confusion whilst here on the forum :)

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