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Completely Dead Ignition,, Focus Mk1 1.4

marc marshall

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Hi all. After searching the forum for about an hour, i cant find the issue with my car, so I assume this is a fairly uncommon fault.

My cars ignition is completly dead, upon inserting and turning the key the speedo/clocks show no sign of life, no lights and no movement. All other electrics, lights, clock ect work fine.

The issue started when i removed a relay from the engine bay to test on my brother in laws car (he drives a stupid Renault and the heater stopped working), when I put the relay back in, the car wouldn't start, although the starter motor turned and everything else seemed normal.

I put this down to the Renault destroying the relay so I went to purchase a new one. when I returned I replaced the relay and the battery was just about dead, the starter motor clicked but wouldn't turn. So I removed the battery, charged it and this is where I am up to.

I have considered the earths are at fault, but I don't know where the starter/ ignition earths are. Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Happy new year fellow Ford drivers.



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So you've got a fully charged battery, new relay (identical to the old one I assume!) so now it should all be the same as before the relay was removed?

Have you checked the fuses for the clocks? If the battery was connected when the relay was swapped could've popped a fuse. The immobiliser runs through the clocks in the later Focus so it won't start without them working, I guess it's the same in the mk1.

Edit - Wait, is the starter not even turning over after charging the battery, I read it as clocks broken and turning over but not starting?

There is no earth for the starter, it earths through the engine block which uses the battery negative cable. It's possible you've got a faulty igntion switch, but seems to much of a coincidence to be that.

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