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Sold A Car With Cel And Abs Light Blanked Out?


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Well, the title kind of says it all. I bought my Focus at the end of October, and it's been nothing but trouble. The alternator 'overcharged', melted a connector, and shorted everything out in December, leaving me stranded. I then had a wheel bearing go. And then more recently, it's started hesitating weirdly, and today driving back it was doing it on the motorway (almost as if it couldn't make its mind up whether it should be in limp home mode or not).

I discovered the other day that the Check Engine Light and the ABS light have both been blanked out, and don't come on with the self-test thing, and it's got codes saved which should be lighting them up (an ABS speed sensor fault and a DPF fault)

It needs to go.

Legally, what are my rights? And what can I do? I don't think that the dealer should have sold me a car that has the CEL and ABS light blanked out, but I'm not sure if that is illegal or not. I've not yet contacted the dealer in question.

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Hope this text helps you.

Copied from http://www.lawgistics.co.uk/legal-article-warranty/motor-trade-warranty-guarantee-service-contract/warranties-the-legal-requirements-when-selling-second-hand-cars

under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which came into force on the 1st October 2015, a car dealer will only get one chance to repair.

If a customer presents the dealer with a fault, after 30 days, which makes the vehicle not of satisfactory quality, not fit for a purpose or not as described, they can claim a statutory repair under the Act.

If the customer presents a further fault at a later date and they have already exercised theirstatutory right to repair, they can demand a refund. However, the dealer can reduce the amount of the refund to take account of the use the customer has had of the vehicle.

This is your customers’ legal rights, not their warranty. In addition to having their legal rights a customer may be offered a warranty by the car dealer on a voluntary basis.

Interestingly, if the first repair is conducted under the terms of a warranty, that will be a contractual repair, and so the customer does not become entitled to their final right to reject. At this stage a dealer can agree a further repair which will effectively defer the customer's rights under the Act meaning they still have the rights if they have further problems which can not be repaired under the terms of a warranty.

It is up to the car dealer offering a warranty to decide on the duration. Many used cars are sold with a three-month warranty, some have one year while others may have none. This is entirely legal.

Although warranties do not have to be offered Lawgistics recommend car dealers provide customers with something in writing (dealer guarantee, claims procedure or simple terms and conditions). This can help manage difficult customers, stop unsubstantiated claims and meet The Consumer Contract (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

Basicly Get it back to the dealer and allow them to deal with it. dont touch it with any tools etc yourself ok


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@dezwez - there sure are. So annoying!

Jamie- thank you very much for this- I will contact the dealer and see what they say. The car is currently at a local trusted garage, who are investigation what is wrong with the thing.

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definitely get them to resolve it, write a letter to them send it recorded class detailing all the issue, requesting reimbursement for your fees to date, along with resolution. No dealer should have sold a car like that, but advise you are now aware of your rights, and that you wish the vehicle to be fully repaired to a satisfactory standard, and at least a partial reimbursement for the alternator issues.

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