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Hi All,

I wanted to test drive a new red or black edition... just to see how it compared to my 150bhp diesel astra, as i wanted a new car in a few months time

I was in luck... I managed to find the only dealer within about 20 miles that had one available for a drive.

It had just come off the lorry, with 13 miles on the clock

Long story short, i'll be picking it up in a couple of weeks and i cant wait!

Sure it doesn't have the torque to pull like the astra, but it really didn't feel slow in comparison at all.

It's a lot perkier though... just begging to be thrown into corners.

Here's a few pics...




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Welcome to the site, nice motor enjoy, I am a new owner to a 125 ecoboost (coming from bigger more powerful cars) and think its a great wee car so I would imagine you will enjoy the 140bhp edition.

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Thanks everyone one... Im counting down the days now

Welcome to FOC!

Don't worry, we won't hold your (soon to be) previous car against you :lol:

Haha please don't!

It's given me nothing but grief the past few months!

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