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Other Halves New Car- Ideas!?

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Hi all,

We are looking at new cars on finance for my other half.

It is going to be small so something like a Ka would be perfect. I am trying to get her down this route although the c1 is also quite a promising vehicle.

Anyone on here got any good deals lately on a Ka? And how much deposit and per month?

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We are looking at small cars- little to no road tax and cheap insurance so any ideas would be welcomed. Id have to see how much per month it would be- she wants to spend no more than 150 a month if on lease.

We have seen a good deal on new c1's locally with £99 deposit and £99 per month- this of course is probably on 6,000 per yer. This would need to be upped though for my other half.

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I thought the Fiesta is a small car . . . many variants are £0 - £30 p.a. V.E.D. or maybe a Smart car ?

Yeah you are right there!

I just don't want her to have the same car as me! haha and newer

I would not want a smart car on anyone- they are horrible to look at.

I might see if the local ford dealer can get us a deal on an ecoboost. It would make sense I guess!

Tbh we are only young and as such we dont need big cars- she was aiming for the smaller end but a fiesta might be an idea. She is not into cars at all and could not care less about performance etc.

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The current Ka is a Fiat 500 underneath and is built by Fiat, I think that says it all...

Fiesta is still a small car and the smallest proper Ford.

Just look at a 100PS ecoboost Zetec or something.

Yack- not letting her near Fiat. My last car was one and it was horrible compared to the Fiesta. Depends on the pcp on it. if we can get it sub 150 per month it could be do able.

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She went for a c1 in the end. Got a cracking deal tbh however its gone a bit sour today as the dealer took the usual £100 deposit for the car but been told today there are no more available in that colour in group stock but he did not have an alternative to hand so kind of annoying at this point in time! Grr

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