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Mechanic(s) needed

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We are currently converting our sons 2ltr Ford Sierra Sapphire into a race car to race on the 'Time Attack' Circuit.

We are not mechanics, but we have brought all the equipment to get the car into a race state. 
Some of the work has already been carried out, but we are stuck on a few things and urgently need a 'sponsor' or someone willing to give up there time or take the car into a garage/workshop and finish the car off.

If all went well, the car will be finish in 'one day'. All that is left to do is:

1. Get the engine running (the solenoid is kicking in, but nothing else - new battery too).
2. We have one rear suspension, brake calipers/discs and wheel to fit (all new - we simply can't seem to get it to fit on).
3. All four new brake lines need fitting.
4. The seats brackets
5. The harness
6. Foot well plates need welding in
7. Sunroof needs some metal welding in to close it off.
8. Strut Brace to be fitted 

That is just about it.

We live in Lee-on-Solent, in Hampshire, near Fareham/Portsmouth and happy to deliver the car to you on a trailer.
As we have no funds left at present, we are looking for a car enthuiast to help us, please.

We would be happy for you to be our mechanic on the circuit too. 

I look forward to hearing from you
Thank you
John Bird (on behalf of my step son - Billy (car owner/driver) 


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