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faulty rear door locks/windows interior lights and sony headunit focus mk2.5


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hey i wonder if anyone has had the same problem as me i've got a 2010 2.0l focus titanium 4 door all of a sudden these faults as appeared all at once 

both rear doors won't remotely lock have to press in the lock on rear door to lock the car now

both rear windows don't function at all via door control or drivers control panel 

all interior lights are not working

ford/sony head unit completely dead


have check all fuses in main and passenger fuse box's and didn't find any blown

I have tried to trace what electrical diagrams i have for the car and all seams to point to the GEM, Are there any replaceable relays or fuses other than the locations i've stated as it would seam on wiring diagrams there are more relays within the car somewhere but i've yet to find them or the GEM


any help would greatly be received 


thanks in advance

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Check the battery voltage! There is a possibility that you have a dead cell (or two) in your battery. Also,there is a possibility that the voltage goes down a long way when you start the engine, and they could be re-setting then (does or did any of the door locks 'clatter' when you are starting the car?).


That said, there is a possibility that just disconnecting the battery and re-connecting might do the trick - a bit of a long shot, but it is cheap. And, if it is a low battery voltage, it might not last for long. And, given that the HU is already dead, I probably don't need to warn you about needing the radio code, because you already need that...

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i have disconnected the battery and re-connected it and this made no difference it tests at 12v from the incar dash test trick

all the faults are permanent there is no lights no, HU, no power windows to the rear and no Power locking to the rear

the front windows work fine and do the doors lock 


and thanks for the warning i did make sure i had the radio key handy



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I will double check the voltage with me meter tomorrow 

I have pulled the fuse board down and checked all the fuses but i didn't notice any wiring harness's lose but i will disconnect and reconnect them and see what that does 

an auto-electrician friend seam to think the mk2 leaks within the passenger footwell onto the passenger fusebox and corrodes the terminals so it will be a good idea to take the leads apart and look for water but the floor is never damp ( i thought this was early focus mk1 problem though the windscreen seal for the pollen filter, mk2 pollen being inside not to have this problem ?)

will update tomorrow thanks for the advise so far

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voltage across battery 12.41 

disconnected passenger fuse box/gem all looks clean no sign of water damage or rusty dirty connections looks like new 

connected back together still no go 

looks like could be a fault in the gem on the wiring schematics there is a section of wiring that links to all the faults Iam receiving 

Looks like ford decided to go with smd/smt soldered relays now so not as easy to test the relays and concerned trying to open the gem may make more go faulty I am confident to solder components but which if any relay is the faulty one won't be easy to find out plus this could be a can-bus issue within the gem I guess ?

I would guess it's off to ford for  diagnostic I can feel the wallet emptying already 😁

Has anyone on here had these passenger fuse boxes open and took Piccys ? And if so what where you trying to fix ?





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Hello I have the same problem with my Ford Focus MK2.5

Radio does not turn on

Internal light does not turn on

Rear doors do not lock

Rear windows do not work

What was the solution to this problem?

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