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Ford Focus 1.4 Zetec S 2001


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I recently brought a ford focus for suspected cam belt failed how ever I put oil in as there was no oil in the engine and cranked it over it started first time

I put oil in spark plug holes as well to make sure it didn't damage engine with having no oil but about a week of running the engine is still smoke white smoke as I can see

Please watch video for better understanding

This video show me holding the rev about 2000 but the engine keeps dropping and going back every so often https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuVL5H7WqC4

This is the car smoking  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afKEE9CUhlc Try  1.22min on video that's the smoking part

Thanks for any help inadvaced

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The misfire could be plugs, HT leads or coil pack. The white smoke could be unburnt fuel due to the misfire. If the smoke is light blue rather than white, you may have a piston ring failure (these engines do suffer from them) which might explain the lack of oil. Is the oil level still good after you filled it up?

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oil doesn't seem to go down at all mate the plugs is a maybe because the ant in the correct ladled position because the number 1 cable doesn't fit

Spark plug a carboned if this means anything and the rev go up and down slightly thx


This pic below is the coil what do you think am I right saying bottom right is number 1

then top right 3 and so on because the cable doesn't reach to number 1 iv also got the pic of order of the coil leads in now



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Plug order in second photo looks ok to me. I would start with new plugs leads and coil pack.

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Forgot to mention I know the car has not go the right oil I don't have a clue of what oil is in it as I only put it on for testing if it started can this make it smoke

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