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New clutch problems


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On 3/30/2016 at 10:58 AM, Devondave said:

So this morning I decided to take it elsewhere for another opinion as I think this guy maybe ripping me off by now and as nowhere else was free to look at it and I need it working tonight I went to kwik fit who ran a diagnostics which said low voltage in cylinder 2 he also point out to me that the wire/plug to the coil pack shouldn't have been cut and the choc block in place shouldn't be there as it carries high voltage and should be insulated ... He told me to take it back there and demand it put right .... Which I have just done so that's where I'm upto ...

Any updates? Had a clutch go on my car and never had power loss problems after that! Also if your looking for instructions to seal your washer jets check out "Water In Plug Ports Issue, With Pictures" by Catch, on this forum which covers everything you need to do. Also used this £2.30 for Silicone Dielectric Grease  to seal mine and can also be used on HT leads!

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