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Reversing camera trigger

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I've connected a reversing camera through to my Pumpkin head unit, wired as per all received wisdom from this site, and it works - except it will not trigger automatically (I have tested it via the aux video in socket so I know it all works) There is a reversing camera trigger wire coming from the head unit which it now appears needs to be wired in (I was hoping it would work without this but I seem to be misguided) - rather than pulling off all the interior trim again ( and feeding yet another wire through the tailgate conduit) can I wire it into the switch that controls the front parking sensors? These are triggered by the reversing light switch and their switch is a damn sight closer to the head unit than the reversing lights.

Any thoughts anyone?

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thats certainly an option, and as you say, perhaps the easiest answer. If you want it automatic though, if you have a 12v feed coming down with the data wires, you should be able to short it out with the trigger wire and do both at once automatically.

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Hmm - that's an interesting option, I hadn't considered that. I have run the a/v feed front to back and as it wasn't  long enough (and the plug wouldn't pass through the tailgate rubber conduit) I spliced in an extra length to reach the head unit - do you think that tapping into the +ive wire on the video feed would work as a trigger then?

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