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MK1 Focus Steering wheel wobble


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The last couple of days I've had a slight wobble from the steering wheel and wondering if anyone has any ideas.


It only happens when I'm doing 70 (doesn't happen straight away - only after a few miles of doing 70).


So I've come off the carriageway, slowed down and re-joined on the slip road, got back up to 70 and it doesn't happen again for the rest of my drive. (power, braking and steering all responsive and no obvious issues).


So it seems to be a bit random.


Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, dumdog14 said:

agreed tracking and balancing first if that fails warped discs

The wheel has been slightly left for a little while and have been meaning to get tracking done.


I'll get this done and see how things go.


Thanks people!

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It only did it twice and then hasn't happened again since.


Did the tracking yesterday and now the wheel is well of out line for being level. (rather than a little before being tracked).

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