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2010 focus zetec - Fault code P060A


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Hi guys, 

Hate to be that guy who only comes on when a problem occurs but its the wifes car and has been totally fine since we bought it. I wanted to mod it but apparently not allowed. 

Been having some issues recently which have now come to a head. It was running really rough and i did a bit of research and it seemed to point to the MAF sensor. When it was running rough, if i unplugged the maf it ran fine, plugged it back in and ot ran fine for a mile then went lumpy again. Replaced the maf with genuine. It ran fine for a while then two days ago it ran lumpy and stalled on her way to work, the AA came and it had a coilpack fault code (P300 i think) so the AA guy replaced the coil (non genuine) but the Problem is still there. Exhausted our local garages code readers abilities so it has been in our local Ford dealer today. They have just called and said it needs a new PCM. £1400. 

Im not convinced and have told them to keep it for the weekend while i think it over. What do you guys think? 

Ive read it could be other things, bad earths, broken wires etc.. im hesitant to pay that kind of money as the tech i spoke to on the phone just basically said "its the pcm, those are the codes, end of story" 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 


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