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Key upgrade


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Hey guys. 

I am looking to upgrade my key from this 

image.jpeg to thisimage.jpeg. How easy is it to do? Is it possible to do myself and where could I get it cut?




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Buy a flip one off ebay, get the key cut at Timpsons and swap the transponder chip over.

Programming to the central locking is a 2 minute job and well documented on the club and plenty of info on the web.

Your first picture is a Tibbe blade and second picture is a Laser blade, which one is yours? (To ensure you get the right one).

Sent from my SM-G930F

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This seller is where I got mine from, he can cut the key to the key code or a picture of your blade, as said you cans swap your transponder over to the flip key and program the remote yourself.

Item number

 I did a video guide in the guides section for programming the remote fob. Link in my signature to my fob reprogramming guide.

However if you only have one key with Forscan and an ELM 327 modified interface programming transponders is now possible which used to be only done by having access to IDS ford diagnostics.

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