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Ford Sync - Software Version


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Hi All,

So I recently took ownership of a 2015 Tit X Focus, and have stumbled across an issue with the Sat Nav directions appearing different on the drivers display and the main display. Importantly the drivers display giving the wrong directions e.g Take 1st left and roundabout when it should be straight ahead.

A solution to this appears to be to have the software updated.

The dealership have offer to do this, but claim to need to have the car (as it's not as simple as just checking version numbers?!). But just to amuse me, does anyone know what the latest version of Ford Sync software is? As if I have the latest it seems pointless to give over my car for a day for no gain if I'm already as up to date as I can be.


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The most recent version of Sync 2 you can load yourself is SYNCGen2_3.08.15128.EA.10_PRODUCT

15128 is the build version, but they are always tweaking it, so if the dealer does it will be the latest tweaked version (newer than 15128).

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Well the car has been in the garage for two days, soon to be three, to update the software to hopefully fix the issue.

Even if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world, it was enough of a reason to get them to update the software to the latest available.

Apparently the Ford software system is down at the moment, so they can't do anything. One of the flaws of the internet connected world we live in now I guess.

Would a software update be carried out as part of a service? It would seem reasonable to expect that to be the case, but I'm thinking possibly not.

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Nothing publicly available.

I don't think Ford even tell their dealers what is in the updates either, lol.

You can use etis with an independent operator login to see if there are any updates available for your car, but not what's actually fixed/changed.

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the pendrive when used in maruti car  /  hyundai car / volkswagon / in other music systems such as BLUEPUNKT   OR PIONEER  ,,,,the pendrive shows folders perfectly and all songs in a clear sequence from A to Z .....so we can find any song by moving knobs or steering control NEXT button ....
but our system sync shows random songs ...and if we play A button than even after the song played - it will not play continuous all A starting songs ....as you click next  - it plays random songs.....
so as it is biggest issue in this music systems....i am passionate about my music love...i have a great collection of musical albums....and i am not able to listen to my selected music in this car music systems...in sequence of A to Z ....
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Do your tracks have numbers allocated to them?

Use mp3tag to remove track numbers and they will play in alphabetic order.

I personally use the program to ensure my music plays in the correct order as originally defined on each album.

Alternatively place each group of files in alphabetically ordered folders and number them 1 to 26.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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