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12500 mile service - draining the water from the fuel filter

titanium xs

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Does anyone know how to drain the water from the fuel filter on a 1.6tdci duratorq?

I've got a Haynes manual, but the instructions are so vague I can't work it out.


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3 hours ago, GingerFlame said:

Shouldn't be noticeable amounts of water in the fuel filter to begin with...

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Most diesels now have a water in filter warning light on them, usually there is either a water drain screw on the bottom of the fuel filter or if not it needs replacing.

There will always be some water in fuel from condensation or cleaning of tanks in tankers etc etc.

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why not take it to a garage and ask them to change the fuel filter for you it shouldn't be that much (cos if you do you still have buy the filter so for the extra bit of money that pays for no stress if it goes wrong) :wink:

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I prefer to go to garage for fuel filter change, when I got the focus uneven idling, asked mechanic to change filter, b4 I even left he said look pipes on the wrong way, ran perfect after that. If I had changed it would still be wrong 2 years later.:huh:

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