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Mr Muddle

How to check cam timing on 2.5t?

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Hi All, wonder if anyone can offer some advice please? Just bought a '08 S-Max with the 2.5t engine. It goes quite well but I think the cam timing isn't correct. After we bought it I gave it a good thrashing and the engine light came on, I checked it and it was P0016, which I believe relates to the cam/crank sensor. The 'garage'(if they can call themselves that) had apparently changed the timing belt and I'm wondering if they didn't set up the cam timing correctly. The car feels under powered and its a bit lumpy at idle, I did some looking online and found some info where others had similar issues, mainly with the Focus ST, where the belt had been changed and the timing hadn't been done. I think the reason we hadn't seen the light before was maybe because it only registered the issue after I went over 4.5k rpm!

So my question, any tips on checking the cam timing? I had a quick look earlier and looks like you can remove the cam covers easily enough, but wasn't sure if I'd need to remove the engine mount as well or if you can see the timing marks with it left in place? I'm used to a bit more space in my engine bay so the S-Max looks a little cramped under the bonnet.

Any help/tips would be great.


Rob :)

Edit: it's worth noting the engine light has gone out again now, but my wife's been mainly driving it so it's just been pootling around!

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