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Car Battery - Ford Seem To Be Wrong


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Hi Everyone


Right, how do i start to try and explain this,


As most people are aware on this forum that i have been having issues with my car, in terms of a poor idle, loss of power etc.


Its been to my local auto electrician numerous times for diagnostics and checks. They have spend hours and hours trying to find the problem with the car.


When they first had the car i made them aware that a new battery was fitted by ford so that shouldnt be the issue.


So today the garage gave me a ring saying the battery is not correct for the car even though ford say only this battery is available. 


The Ford battery is a efb 60amp 590 crank.


But when the lads showed me 5 other websites with my car registration inserted the battery that came up everytime was 75amp 730 crank which is more powerful.

VARTA... YUASA AND EXIDE direct on there websites state the correct fitment should be that (75amp 730) and not ford's recommended one (60amp 590)


Also Halfords and eurocarparts also show the 75amp 730 crank battery.


So because they think the battery is to small, that is causing my problems.

I rang tc harrisons who stood by the battery size of 60amp 590. 


any help please





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The Ford dealer is correct. The Ford T6 EFB 60A 590CCA battery is the correct type of battery for the 1.0 and 1.6 ECOboost (and probably also some other engine types). This is the type of battery that is factory fitted to these vehicles.

Both my 1.0 ECOboost (125 HP) and my parents 1.6 ECOboost (182 HP) have the Ford T6 EFB 60A 590CCA battery. This type of battery is also specified in the Ford Ecat parts program for these vehicles.

On the Focus MK3 the battery capacity is configured in the Central car Configuration. You can fill in your VIN number at the following website (made by the author of the FoCCCus program).


Configuration parameter #210 shows the type of battery that is specified in the configuration during the production of the car.

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Im at a loss then as thats the only other thing the garage can change to see if it cures the running issues.


Theyve checked the car numerous times and the problem seems unfixable

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i dont see a variation in battery type as the cause of your engine running problems anyway

as soon as the car is started the alternator takes over in supplying electrical power and the battery does very little.........

sounds like this garage is clutching at straws in their fault diagnosis.......

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