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Ford Focus MK3 Exhaust

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Hi there, this is my first post. I have a Ford Focus Estate, 1.6 petrol MK3 2011 model. The exhaust is not blowing but making a spitting noise under hard acceleration or under load in a high gear. The noise is coming from the middle box under the car not the manifold area. Also when you hit both the middle box and the back box with a clenched fist you can hear bits shaking around inside, almost like rice in a tin can. I abviously need a new middle and back section of the exhaust. I have searched and searched eBay and many other sites and cannot find an aftermarket exhaust for this car, it's Ford only at nearly 400 quid. Does anyone know of any where that makes aftermarket exhausts for this car or know when production of aftermarket exhausts for this model will begin. It's not blowing so I am not desperate to replace so I don't mind waiting until a cheaper exhaust comes out. Many thanks in advance. 



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thanks Tasape for your reply. That is what I am saying there are no generic ones available, only the Ford part from the dealers, I am wondering how long it will be until aftermarket ones come into production. 



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google "powerflow exhausts" and locate a garage nearest to your location.

they will custom build any exhaust for any car regardless of whether only genuine ford items are available or not.

they only build stainless steel units though , and i would imagine that even though their quote wont be lower than fords , their product will last the cars lifetime , fords wont.

in effect a much better product , but same price.


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On 8/31/2016 at 6:50 PM, biff55 said:

scratch the above , found a seller of a mk3 1.6 estate exhaust in 30 seconds !

your internet skills must be rubbish lol

£280 all in , full system.......

http://www.onlineautomotive.co.uk/Ford_Focus_Exhaust System.aspx


This looks nothing like the exhaust on my car biff55. Mine is a mk3 2011 - 2015 model. I have attached a picture of what my exhaust looks like. Anyone know when these are going to be produced aftermarket?? Many thanks




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