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Mk3 ford mondeo? Should i buy or not..


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Iv got the chance of a Mk3 Ford Mondeo Ghis X 2.0 Diesel Automatic with 89000miles on the clock with full MOT but the only fault is the speedo doesnt work.. will it be an easy fix and simple to do or a nightmare job.. any help would be appreciated..

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Hi mate, with a full MoT sounds like too good to miss, but what is the asking price?  If the only fault is a faulty speedo then this can be fixed/replaced - not sure of the price for a secondhand one (you may get one on here) - so go for it.  If you're replacing the entire binnacle then obviously the mileage recorded has to be borne in mind, but you may be able to dismantle the binnacle and remove just the clock.  I have done this on classic cars, but nothing as modern as this.

At the end of the day the fault may not be associated with the speedo clock itself, but the wiring/sender etc.  Again, if you know a good, reliable and cheap auto-electrician this should be relatively easy to fix.  Either way it all depends on the price of the car - you may be able to get the price reduced due to the fault, unless the seller has already calculated this in the selling price!  Go for it, and good luck!

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If it's a sender issue, would an Elm device pick up any error codes to give an indication of the problem. Also it depends on how true you think the mileage is too with a broken speedo. Worth checking MOT histories. 

If the price is right and everything seems fine, what is there to lose?

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