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What hose is this? Coolant leak


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Hi all

I have a 2006 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi Zetec Climate

On the way home today loads of steam coming from under the bonnet. Opened it up and saw the coolant had dropped so instantly feared head gasket. But I found a hose with a coolant leak more towards the passenger side by the main wiring loom


My mate came out and chopped the end of the pipe and re attached it but obviously its put some strain on it since as its shorter.


I drove home and no more issues. But I need to replace the hose so there is no more strain on it. My mate said its from the cyclinder head to the EGR cooler.


Pictures if it helps








Many thanks for any help

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It looks like there are some numbers still legible if I'm looking at the right hose. Try an eBay or Google search or write them all down/remove the hose and give them to a nice chap in Fords parts dept.

Good luck

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On 29/10/2016 at 3:19 PM, Hellboy80 said:

My mate said its from the cyclinder head to the EGR cooler.

There is a hose matching that, and it could match the photos, though I have not checked for sure. I would just use generic flexible coolant hose to replace it. The only danger is kinking on the bend, but coolant hoses run pressurised, so the danger of this is small, once fitted ok. Look for flexible coolant hose on eBay.

For interest (?), the water hoses behind the engine are: Cylinder head to EGR cooler; EGR cooler to Heater; Heater to oil cooler; oil cooler back to water pump.

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It was the right hose. I popped down to my local Ford parts center. Cost me £30 and was a pain to fit. Wipers and Scuttle panel had to come off to make it easier. But all is good.


Thank you all that replied.

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