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Engine keeps stalling.


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anyone know reason why my car is stalling? 

Its a 09 focus 1.6 tdci with a DPF. and i have no warning lights or messages on my display.

driving home today, it began jerking when acceleration, but not from a standing start, but did stop for a while.

then later on, under light acceleration again whilst already doing 20+mph the engine stalled.

I pulled over and tried to restart the engine and it seemed hesitant to start, and after 4/5 seconds it stalled again, this time just idling in neutral as i hadn't moved off.

it did this for a good 10 minutes. then finally it hung on long enough for me to drive home, luckily i was less than a mile from home. 

after getting back i tried to rev the engine to see if there was something that needed a bit of shifting, and whilst revving up to only about 3K rpm i noticed a slight whistle sound, and then when i stopped revving, when the engine came back to idle, it made a sound that i can only describe as passing wind or the noise a horse makes when it blows it lips.  Any ideas what this might be? 

there was another sound though, when i turned the engine off, there was a decently loud whirring noise, that sounded electrical that was hard to pinpoint, but sounded like it was coming from just behind the engine and slightly to the left (looking at the car head on) somewhere around the brake fluid tank.

my instant thoughts to the stalling / jerking was possibly the injectors need cleaning, or the fuel filter may need replacing, or the fuel line may have a problem. 

any thoughts on the (many) other issues would be appreciated.

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