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Things I do like


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Mmmmmm Marmite..... Yum

  • The above on toast
  • Nice can/pint of Stella Artois/Becks Vier/Carlsberg/any others I like but have missed off.
  • CHELSEA!!! (True blue through and through as the saying goes ! :) )
  • Seeing Man city/Man Utd/Liverpool lose.
  • When the lights are green and someone leaves you a nice clear space to power past them.
  • Payday.... Who doesn't like payday after all ? My payday is midnight tonight... so Friday :)
  • Freshly cut grass I also love the smell of.
  • Petroleum for some reason..... although I'm not stupid enough like some people to consume it or inhale larger quantities of it..... I don't intended to be known as the Petroleum Huffer ! ;) ( A little like Butane Huffing lol).
  • Having days/weeks off work..... and doing absolutely nothing but lazing about all day.
  • Going abroad
  • Saturdays or Sundays when I'm far too lazy to get dressed, and end up getting out of bed at between 10 and 12 when on a weekday I start work at 8.
  • The furthest right most pedal on a car ;) Pedal to the Metal!!!
  • Cops... I apologize, but I think I love the feds/PoPo/Pigs as everyone calls them.
  • Being inside when it's absolutely chucking it down.

Well, that's it for now :P

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* Payday, obviously.

* Buying a car & new car smell.

* Redlining engines (to get to the speed limit quicker, obviously :p)

* Being lazy after a heavy workout.

* Empty/uncongested roads.

* Sunshine/warm weather.

* The occasional KFC/fast food treat.

* Forgetting everything & watching a movie after a long day of work.

* Jetting off on holidays in the summertime, and leaving all the stress behind.

* This opinion may be unpopular, but law enforcement. (The good 95% of them at the least)

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Sleep. I like sleep. Mainly because I find its a lot like most married people's bedroom activities - it's rare, It doesn't happen very often, when it happens most the time it's nothing special but will satisfy for a while, now and then it's awesome and I don't want it to end but it will inevitably... (what can I say I'm an insomniac)

My kids and wife (most the time anyway lol)

Unexpected windfalls




I could do with the last three as I don't have much of those lol

Self pride and satisfaction (no entendre intended) when I whip money out of someone else's pocket by not having to pay them to do a job (car repairs)

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What I do like is when I have to take evasive action after an old lady driver comes driving AT me, is her path is cut off completely by a bus coming the other way (and parked cars) :d

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Winning the lottery (I will like this when it happens)

Beer with friends

Bbqs and beer

Driving my ST

A good action film

music, Bruce or Queen preferably

Live music (especially my daughter playing)

Football (especially my daughter playing)

Getting something for nothing ( British gas insulation)

Curry (hotter the better)

Days off work

Having less than 5 years to work till I can retire

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Aaah Matt I wish best I've ever done is about £50 for 4 numbers. I meant I'll like it WHEN I win lol.

I've done the lottery a few times....

The best i've managed ... well:

Bought ten lines (Pun NOT intended :P ) @ £1.00 a line... total cost = 10 squids.

I won... wait for it.......... 10 quid. :lol:

Next time round, bought ten lines at £1.00 per line, won £7.00... I guess that'll teach me.

My Betfair gambling is a bit better.... some of my biggest winnings are:

Working £40 put in all the way up to £790 from successful bets, and then withdrawing, that made a nice christmas!

£390 from a £20 bet.

Cashing out a £5 bet at £99 and another £5 bet at £112.00

£280 from £60 in bets.

£240 from about £110 in bets.

£132.00 from £69 in bets (This was back when the world cup was on).

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I always get the right numbers, sorry, one below or above the winning answers. I had 6 numbers that instead of being 1 3 5 7 9 11 they were 2 4 6 8 10 12

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