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I need to inspect my engine mounts for missing bolts, where are they located so I can look at them ?

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About 1 year ago while doing the EGR which is integral with the exhaust manifold the guy said something was jammed into the middle engine mount area and says he pulled it out, ever since then when you look at the engine you can see it shakes a lot upon switching it off and feel the thud when sitting in the car from turning engine off. this began immediately after the other guy says he removed something that was jammed into the engine mount. 

A few months back I went to a different garage to have something inspected on the car, I mentioned nothing at all about engine mounts, but when collecting my car he said there are some bolts missing from the middle engine mount. When you try and rock the engine though no play can be felt and nothing was said on MOT either.


I really want to inspect this but have no idea where the location of the engine mounts are so can anybody please advice me ?


car is a 2006 mk2 ford focus sport 1.8 tdci



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