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Ford focus mk3.5 ambient light installation

Roman Perez

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Hi guys, I am thinking on installing the ambient lights in my focus mk3.5.


To do so, I´m thinking on getting my hands on an overhead console (the one with sunglasses holder from the ST) and install it in my car. I don´t really think this is going to be a straight swap as you need to make a whole for the console. 


Regarding use, I want to be able to switch them on & off and change colours and dim them. Also want them on max power (max power is optional) when I open the doors.


Has anyone done anything like this before? I know is kinda crazy but it sounds like a nice project.

Ideally it will look like this


Any thoughts, comments and tips are more than welcome!


Cheers :) 

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Hi Roman

if you use the search bar and enter Ambient lighting. It will bring up all posts regarding that topic. Lots of posts to read and I am sure you will find helpful advice.

You could also check the Focus how to guides here http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/78-ford-focus-guides/

Then pop over to the modding section here http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/forum/90-ford-modification-discussions/

So get reading and good luck


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I tried to look in to this on my Zetec S.

Kind of came up that it was near impossible.

Different looms, modules, etc.

Even the interior lights are different. Without ambient lighting they are halogen, with ambient lighting, they are LED and run off the same power feed.

Better to wire in your own imo.

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I have the multi-coloured ambient lighting. The ability to change colour and brightness was cool, but in reality, after the first few days it has been on the same setting.

I'd recommend adding ambient lighting if you don't have it already. I couldn't comment on the feasibility of installing the multi-coloured stuff but I found these part numbers on a Dutch forum for the MK3 should they be of help:

BM51 13D775-CC left door handle
BM51 13D775-BC right door handle
BM51 13E700-JE cup holder
BM51 13D775-DD left door pocket
BM51 13D775-ED right door pocket
BM51 13A756-ED left footwell
BM51 13A756 DD right footwell 


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