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New member, and new make....for me.


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Hi all, Following some time reading your posts, I have bitten the bullet and bought a very nice Fusion, the 1.6 Zetec in what I believe Ford call 'Tango Red'? I have been a Rover driver for many years, going through the more unusual models such as a 216 Cabriolet, 216 Tourer, and up until last week, a Streetwise. All great cars, but with the availability of a good condition Rover being very poor now, I decided it was time to change. Like I said, I read lots of your posts to get a better idea of what I was letting myself in for (so thanks for the good info), and made my purchase.

Early indications are that I have got a cracking little car, I love it, as do the family. I have hard wired my dash-cam, and swapped out the cigarette lighter for a double USB output, and don't intend messing with anything else any time soon, but you never know.  

As a new member here, I'm looking forward to chatting as time goes on, and faults occur.

Thanks again.



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Welcome RAF from a former Rover/MG driver for over 25 years. Ford was the only choice when time came to change. Enjoy your car and any problems you encounter I'm sure someone on here has too and found a cure.

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