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New member, focus st mk2.5 facelift

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Hi everyone


New member here from Manchester

After having fords all through my late teens and early twenties, xr2's, rs turbos and then sapphire cosworths... I changed to be and then Audi and have had them for years.


Now 37 and needed a bigger family car than an s3 8l.

A friend at work had a focus st what he bought 6 years ago, high mileage but full ford service history, belts and clutch changed recently, not a mechanical guy so if anything needed he just took it to ford.


Anyway as he lives 30 miles from work, it was costing him a fortune in fuel, so it has been sat on his drive for nearly a year. 

Picked it up from him for a bargain price. Probably 2-3k cheaper than any similar car for sale at the moment. I can see why it's been sat as i wouldn't do nearly 70 miles a day in it, I'd be bankrupt 😂😂.

Just getting back into the ford scene now, loving it a lot, stupid fast and faultless for now




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Glad to see you returned back to Fords after straying for a while and yes 70 mile in an ST isn't a good idea unless you've got bottomless pockets mate .

Any how welcome aboard mate and nice to see your a local and your ST looks great by the way ;) ..

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