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Oops hopefully no one on here.


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Looks like he has gone into the verge either by or in the process of loosing a wheel. hit the hedge and bounced up and landed on the front corner.

But the car is at an odd angle, so either something underneath it is sitting on or it's well and truly knackered.

Have blurred out faces and signs and number plates for obvious reasons.

Oops 1.JPG

Oops 2.JPG

Oops 3.JPG

Oops 4.JPG

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oh dear,

over cooked the bend as the crested the small hump, over corrected the slide, kissed the hedge and caused more damage than the cars worth.

I'm guessing a couple of silly boys?

lucky they didn't wipe out a family coming the other way

as for the funny angle its sitting, I think the NSR wheel is up high on a verge? with the weight on the front end pushing own the verge to the front wheels its maybe  enough to keep the back from coming back down? its that or he ripped a wheel off and its wedged under it :) 




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No the wheel is on the right hand side in one of the pictures with the tyre off the rim, it was further up behind the car and the driver has moved it. The driver I guess late 20's.

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