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Drive Train Warning


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Hey all, 

So i'm 700 miles in and today got my first warning, fired up the car but it didn't start, pressed the button again and it fired into life but the drivetrain warning light came on. Drove a mile or so and when I returned to the car it started up first time with no warning.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it sound like a false alarm, just didn't fire up correctly first time round? Nothing showing on the dash now in terms of warning lights all appears normal and no noticeable issues when driving.



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Just a quick update on this, took it into the dealer today.

Nothing showing in terms of the warning that came up, they have put it down to a "glitch" most likely caused by the battery being under charged, again they put this down to low miles and the fact it was sat for a while before I took delivery.

We will see how it goes, fingers crossed. 

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I have occasionally had this when starting the car either with "handbrake" off or having pressed the Start button I have quickly taken the car out of Park mode. More often the latter. Try that as an experiment to see if you get the same issue as before and hopefully it will just be that.

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