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Changing gear knob on Ford Focus 2009 Hatchback 1.8 TDCi


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My gear knob and gaiter are both worn in my Ford Focus 2009 MK II Hatchback 1.8 TDCi and I am wanting to change them. I have been looking online and the one I like seems to not fit my car, or so the compatibility checker says.

I currently have http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_gear_lever_knob_and_gaiter_2008-2011_f_1548262.htm part number 1548262

however I would like to have something like http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-5-Speed-Gear-Shift-Knob-Stick-Lever-Gaiter-Boot-Cover-For-Ford-Focus-/152054140712?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3AFocus&epid=1594595900&hash=item2367220f28:g:0KQAAOSwLmVXD3y4 (I know it's an aftermarket one so I'm not too sure). The compatibility checker says that it would not fit in my car. 

Does anyone know any different or have any recommendations for me? I think a gear shifter like that would look a lot nicer as it matched with the centre console too.

Any help would be great.

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As long as your existing gear stick has a 14mm thread it should fit no problem. I would have thought it's a standard size across the range, also the listing says it fits Focus's from 2005-2012, for the sake of £10.99 I'd go for it

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It will fit but you'll be not too impressed with the knob itself.
I've had a try of ones like that in my previous car and the quality of the silver insert on top is shockingly poor.
You'll be ok if the original one transfers across and fits though.

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Thank you for the quick replies guys. At least I know something like that will fit, however like Stoney has said, I guess the unbranded ones could perhaps be disappointing.

There is this one off ford part uk http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_gear_lever_knob_and_gaiter_2008_f_1639781_c_342.htm however I don't ant to spend that much! ha

I can see a load that will fit 2005-2008 and then 2010+ they just seem to skip my cars year!

I wonder if there is a Fiesta version or something for a bit cheaper... but again its whether it fits, the everything seems to want to skip my cars year 

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Have the same problem with my 2008 facelift got a small tear in the gator and I did order a replacement off eBay and didn't fit even though it said it would so still looking for a replacement but don't want to pay fordparts prices.

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Nicholls, I have a gaiter and surround for a Mk2 from when I bought an illuminated knob.  I assume it would fit your car but cant be certain but I can stick it in the post for you if you like?  I'll put up a pic in a sec.


Its brand new and there are no marks on the gaiter or the surround (if you want the surround too)20170625_090234.thumb.jpg.305ff412b04e3ba4b3c14cdd8f2e2b11.jpg

I guess this should fit your car then lol!

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50 million pounds. :mellow:


Nah dont worry.  There may come a time when I need to come on the ear'ole =]

I'll put up some measurements if you like to be sure?


Thinking about it, the docs that came with it did show the preface mk2 but thats not a gospel to go by...

front to back (through the centre where widest) 135mm.  Theres a lip at the front that hooks under the dash panel thats a couple of mm bigger.

L-R at the front 127mm

L-R at the back 117mm 

That's the outer measurements of the surround.  Lemme know =]

If the surround is a different size, at least the gaiter may be right - it seems to unclip from the surround...


EDIT: ok I've just taken it out. measures:

118mm front to back (widest centre)

110mm wide at the front

100mm wide at the back.

These are the measurements of the plastic frame the gaiter is stapled to.

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