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fiesta mk7 footwell light size


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52 minutes ago, Zack said:

what size are thr footwell lights in the fiesta as im looking into changing the colour

501's I think

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501 w5w LED Bulbs will look a lot brighter/crisper than Halogen bulbs and should last longer too. They may not dim as they go off like a standard bulb though and for some reason some LED Bulbs constantly glow a little even when they are off and the ignition is off too. Something to do with them needing so little power to illuminate that the current that is constantly going through the wire is enough.

Loads of choice when it comes to colour too, can be matched to the interior roof lights too and the map reading lights if you have them. Also your glovebox and boot lights can be done too

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thank you for the guidance, i have fiesta zetec s so i allready have a red cup holder im thinking change the standard bulbs to red LED Bulbs so it matches but dont want them too bright, ill look on amazon for 2 now 😀

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