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My ZS - Weatherstrips


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(Stock image attached to illustrate seal)

I noticed today the driver's door weatherstrip was hanging off 3-4 inches at the join directly underneath the door. 

Is there a specific product to reattach it? It looks like my weatherstrip was/is held on by adhesion of some type? (or was that 'bodge' fixed by the previous owner?)

Interested in hearing other Mk3 'weatherstrip' issues, and how they are supposed to be attached to the doors, thanks.

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Hi this has happened to a lot of ford cars,including mine !  ford will charge £25.00 to stick them back on !

Just get some  strong generic glue    pull the strip off from the  door  clean with white spirit/meths, dry area of residue  using a toothpick/straw smear glue in the little well  then smear glue on to seal  leave for a couple of minutes ,replace seal and attach some decorators tape to hold seal to the door, leave for 24 hours  remove tape   job done,  Happy days

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This is a known problem of the Focus MK3. There is a TSB that describes the recommended repair procedure for this problem.

The problem is basically caused by a reinforcement wire that is vulcanised inside the rubber material of the weatherstrips. During the manufacturing proces of the weatherstrips this reinforcement wire is stretched. During time the reinforcement wires shrink and puts a significant amount of tension on the weatherstrips. This amount of tension causes the weatherstrips to come loose.

The TSB describes the procedure to cut the reinforcement wires at some places to eliminate the tension on the wire. When cutting the wire you actually hear it snap. After cutting the reinforcement wire the weatherstrips can be glued back into place. Ford prescribes a 2K adhesive for glueing the weatherstrips. I personally prefer Loctite 406 for glueing the weatherstrips. Loctite 406 is an instant adhesive specifically designed for rubber and plastic material. 



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I had this exact problem. I used a couple glues and none worked long term, I eventually used Gorilla Glue and it's now held for over 6 months, tip is to not stretch the strip either, you'll have a 4-5cm gap but that shouldn't cause any problems. 

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Thanks for all your replies.. In the end I cleaned the effected areas with nail varnish remover, then around half 10pm (knowing the car wasn't going to be used until the next morning) I used some form of commercial super glue and masking tape to secure the weather strips in place to allow the adhesive to go off. I know it's not the idea situation but it's holding for now and hopefully it'll be fine

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