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Remote car keys


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If you keep your car near your house and lock it up where do you keep your keys?

We keep are Edge by the side of the house behind locked gates and use to put the keys in a cupboard in the kitchen about 4/5 feet away from the car, the problem was that you could still open the locked car by just touching the door handle.

A new key storage location has now been found out of range of the car!    All we've got to do now is remember where the keys now live!!

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8 minutes ago, shocks said:

surely you cant unlock the car unless the keys are  next to it.

My fob works at quite a long range. Handy for locating the car in a car park.

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The remote works over a considerable distance but the passive key only operates when it is right next to the car. If your passive key is in your house 4-5 feet away from your car and you can open the car by gripping the handle, then something is wrong and you need to get the dealer to check it out. 

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