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Modifiying on PCP


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I know this has been asked before but nowhere can I find a definitive answer.


I just bought a brand new 2018 Fiesta Ecoboost St-Line and its on PCP (3.5 years) and was wondering if I am allowed to modify the car. My name is of course on the V5 so I then own the car do I not?


The plan is Ford Options.



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Having your name on the V5C doesn't mean you own the car, it just means that you are the 'registered keeper'.
You don't own the vehicle until all credit is paid off.
Tbh you can modify the vehicle but do not do anything that isn't easily reversible or that may reduce the value of the vehicle or you'll pay for it at the end when / if you chop it in for another vehicle and the valuation is low.

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Only way it matters is if you hand it back to Ford and walk away. If you refinance and keep the car or part ex with the dealer you should be fine. My son has done loads to his st and is just about to refinance it with no problems

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