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Drivers side brake shoes sticking (2009)


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Hello everyone, just put new brake shoes on my fiesta after being advised on it a few months back on an MOT but the drivers side drum is sticking on after releasing the handbrake.  If I pull on the cable just before the joint by the drum the brake releases so I'm assuming I need a new cable but I'm not sure what cable I need as eurocarparts have 3 listed, front, centre and rear left or right.  Originally I thought I needed rear left or right because it was the only 1 that had any mention of what side on it but not sure.

Any ideas?

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first thought - are you sure the brake shoe springs are on correctly.

second thought - does it need a new cable or does it just need lubricating?  eg remove cable and work some 3in1 oil down into the cable where the inner is within the outer (assuming it is that type of cable).

I have a mk7.5 but can't remember what the cable is like.

I had a mk6.5, on that there is some of the exposed inner cable where it goes into the brake back plate. The inner cable had plastic coating on it . the inner cable was corroding causing the plastic coating to bulge a bit and not run smoothly where it went into the outer cable. so i pulled the inner out as much as I could and trimmed the plastic coating off with a craft knife and then greased it well.

It is unlikely that a new cable is absolutely neccessary unless the strands of the inner are actually breaking.

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  • Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7)

Springs are definitely on correctly, passenger side works fine but drivers side you can see the cable not releasing.  I have sprayed it with wd40 for now and priced the cable, assuming it's the centre cable it's £23.  I adjusted the brakes by turning the adjuster wheel but there wasn't much left on the pads when I done this so decided to replace them.


Thanks for the replies, taking the cable off and oiling it is plan a, new cable is plan b.

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Take the cables off get a small bag like a sandwich bag put  a god drop of oil in the bag tie and seal the open end of the bag to one end of the cable hang it on your washing   line with the bag on top overnight so the oil can run down the inside of the cable over night ( hide the oil drips on the floor  from the wife) , do that with all parts of your cable system. You will find in the morning the oil has run down the inner and come out  at the bottom ,give the inner  cable a good wiggle. Your cable as long as its not internally damaged will work near perfect  (well maybe) after that, always worked for me saves buying a new one. Nearly forgot don't take the inner cable out or try too the oil will still run down in-between.

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ok, im trying to rule out any other causes before you end up buying a cable. 

remove drums, check the gap between the pivot lever( the protrution on the lever) the handbrake cable attatches to and the brake shoe. 

is there the same gap both sides or more one side than the other?

i would then slacken the handbrake cable at the handbrake by undoing the 10mm nut. see if both levers at drums move back to shoe with no gap? 

if after this one stays with a gap then that cable is siezing up. 

then buy a cable as required.

graphic (6).jpg

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I'm going to have another look at it soon as I need the car for work early tomorrow so it needs fixing today. The cable is only £23 and I've already found £5.01 by removing the centre console lol so it's not the end of the world if I have to buy one just looks like hassle swapping them over.  Thanks for all the replies so far, really appreciate it.

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