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Lifting Floor Tiles Adhesive


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Hi all,

Last weekend I rented out a kango along with a 4" inch chisel bit to lift all the tiles from the kitchen floor,




I spent 6 hours on the kango last Sunday and although I was wearing knee pads my muscles in my legs from my knees to my hips are killing me as I had to stay tence when kneeling on the floor pushing the kango forwards 😅




I don't usually do this type of work daily I'm a pharmaceutical chemical process operator. 

I'm now in a position where the adhesive which is much like concrete is to be lifted from the concrete floor.


I've done this separation of adhesive from concrete in the hallway a few months ago using the  same rented kango and a 4" chisel bit resulting in a smooth finish aswell as relocating the radiator to widen the hall.



But the kitchen is a much larger area to complete and well I don't want to tare the musscles in my legs again next weekend 😅

any advice on any alternative method or equipment i could rent out; and there's no such thing as a light weight kango is there? very heavy after holding for an hour or two. 

thanks for discussion 👍

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12 hours ago, Jonro2009 said:

Have you considered renting a man to operate said Kango emoji6.png

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No didn't think of that but then someone whom won't claim off my house insurance after payment 😅

I had thought of getting a woman though, anyone got a contact number for Benny Benassi?


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The easiest option if you've got a couple of spare mm on the floor height would be to put down a self levelling compound and then you can re tile or use whatever covering on top of that. Much less labour intensive and will give a good level finish 

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