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Yer Maun

Mk1.5 Focus excessive wear on rear tyre inside edge

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As the title states, all I've done so far is jack the car up, wheels off and had a general visual inspection for damage. None found. Bushes 'look' and feel fine as in no excessive play. No history of a rear end shunt. Tyre px's I check regularly (32psi as per handbook) so no issues there. Car's completed 126k. The rear has flipped round on me once (as my old Pug 205 used to do🙂) on a slow speed, damp, 2nd/3rd gear bend.

Have searched the forum history already. Found much discussion as to the possible causes but no definitive solution to the problem. Just wondering if any Mk1 owners had any advise before I take it for a 4 wheel geometry check somewhere?

Many thanks in advance.

Go well


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It's probably just the standard camber on the rear wheels causing it then.  Get the same problem on quite a few cars.

The trailing arm bushes are a common issue on Focus rears so might be worth double checking those.

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Thanks, will check them out. Some people seem to think it's toe rather than camber but I'm open minded at the mo. Am trying to find sn outfit with a good quality 4 wheel geometry set up local to me to see what the issue is.

Funnily enough, I've just changed both trailing arm to body bushes on the 'trouble'n'strife's' Mk3 Galaxy as one was picked up on the MOT. T'was a bit of a mission but just about achievable for the DIYer with the tight tooling. Will endeavour to write up my experiences for the benefit of Mk3 Galaxy / Mk4 Mondeo owners soon.

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