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Mondeo Mk3 2.2 TDCi low idle on start

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Hi I posted this in MOT/servicing and realised it should go in here so reposting. Hope that's OK.

Hi all, new member,  I've just bought a lovely 2.2 TDCi Ghia X Mk3 and I love it. So big, so comfortable, so economical etc.

So I bought it knowing there was an issue with a low idle on start.

The issue is that on start, thew engine idles around 600RPM for a few seconds (no throttle response) then kicks up to 8-900 and is fine from then on.

This was identified by the previous owner as an EGR valve issue. I had a mechanic look at it before buying and he confirmed the fault was the EGR valve.

Having looked into it, seemed like an easy fix, just blank the EGR valve, so I did (full blank no holes). The issue is still there, possibly less pronounced now (only a second or two before going up to normal idle, occasionally it doesn't happen at all), but I can't say for sure, as I only started it a few times before fitting the plate.

Otherwise seems fine, once it's running I haven't had any issues.

Any thoughts? Just leave it? Maybe change the fuel filter? Let me know what you think I'd be very grateful for your thoughts.

Cheers fellas.

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On 01/10/2017 at 9:54 PM, iantt said:

pcm update will probably fix your issue, was a known issue if i remember right ( was a long time ago)

Thanks for the reply! I looked it up and found several other people describing the exact issue fixed with a PCM update, so it looks like you're probs bang on. Thanks a lot for the help.

I called a local tuning place (Avon Tuning) and they quoted £100 plus VAT - does that sound about right? Seems steep to me for what is presumably a straightforward job (correct me if I'm wrong).

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most places charge an hours labour to connect a laptop or diagnostic tool

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