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Focus 2015 st3 bulbs


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Hi guys, 

Hope you can help,  I am looking at buying new bulbs for the headlights as one of the, seems yellow and the other white.  Anyways I have searched and come up with different bulbs and different headlight units but still not 100% which are suitable for my car.  I have the headlights with the led strips also the extra light comes on when you drive around corners.  Do I have the hid units or are they just normal units. And thus require std bulbs




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If it's an ST3 then you will have bi-zenon like me and they shouldn't be able to go yellow in any way.
Is it the cornering lights that are yellow? In that case swap them out.
I fitted osram nightbreaker unlimited and while still very slightly yellow but better than standard.
I recommend changing the indicator bulbs all round for silver ones as it cleans up the lenses nicely (removes the fried egg appearance) and Cree reverse bulbs as the standard ones are as much use as a candle in a jar.
I'll post a few bulb links shortly.

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