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Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?


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The government said it would save about £10million a year, but it seems it LOST £107million last year! I don't know how that compares to years before the scrapping of the disc ie they could have been losing £120million, but it's not looking good! 



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I don't really know how so many people 'forget' to tax a car, it's not like MOT or service...you get sent letters about tax.  Having moved house isn't an excuse either as you should've changed the address on your V5 and licence...

Amazingly, some people still advertise cars for sale as having '8 months tax' or whatever...how have they missed the non-transfer rule?  But even so, they'll get a tax leaflet when the new V5 comes in if they've bought one.

I would guess a lot of those cars have also got no insurance or MOT though...and are deliberately not being paid for.  OR are off the road, but just not being SORN'd. 

I also wonder how recent immigrants get on...do they know they have to tax and insure a car in the UK or do they just buy a local £100 heap and assume they can just drive that straight away? 

Police don't walk past cars anymore, they've got better things to do...but they do have ANPR running in the front of their patrol cars that should pick up untaxed cars...much easier than having to stop and look for a tax disc.

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They just aint taxing them,what happened to these cameras on garages that when you get your petrol checks the Reg and if no tax or other stuff is

sent to the police,i heard about this years ago but did it ever get up and running as we all need a garage for fuel.

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Petrol forecourt ANPR isn't linked to police.  It literally just reads reg plates for if you do a runner without paying.

I've bought fuel a few times on the way to an MOT centre without MOT or tax...not illegal to do so but the ANPR wouldn't know that at the time...  It's never been mentioned and I've never been stopped or sent fines.

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