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Recommend me a Focus ST Exhaust upgrade


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Hey fellow enthusiasts,

So my friend has just bought the brand new Hyundai i30N and I'm feeling a little jealous, yeah I know it's a Hyundai, of the music that comes out the exhaust. It sounds like Rice Crispies plugged into an amplifier. I know I won't get the same and an RS (even that doesn't make the sounds) is way out of price range currently but can anyone on here recommend an aftermarket exhaust system that will give me a little bit of satisfaction?  I have a BOV and an induction kit so he doesn't even get close to the turbo noises of my car but an exhaust will top off the package I think. One key thing, it needs to stay MOT legal.

I'm not going down to a Hyundai without a fight!

Cheers guys!


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So that's shat the world has come to. Who has the loudest turbo and exhaust?

The RS makes the perfect exhaust noise IMHO, only being beaten by supercars etc.

Either way many people on here like mountune so I'd start there. I know one way to get your exhaust crackling and a bit louder on the mk2 was to do a resonator delete. They were a 5 pot though so might not have the same effect on the new 4 cylinder engines.

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I've found straight piping to give the best sound. Other types of exhausts could give the car a raspy, drony or a ***** can noise (it'll vary on car). Only thing I'd say is that it'll probably be loud and might have to find a company which do custom exhausts if there's no online companies which sell them. 

Didn't swear up there ^^^

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